Easter 2018

We now bask in the calm that comes after the hurricane that is the Easter feast. We had enough to feed the five thousand but there were just seven people and a week-old baby boy (Kostek).

Approximate distribution was: 25% eaten, 25% taken home by guests, 20% wasted, 30% put back in the fridge.

The dishes were:

  • salad with potato, gherkin & onion
  • vegetable salad
  • salad with lettuce, broccoli, corn, salmon & parmesan
  • salad with mushrooms and eggs
  • eggs sliced in half and topped with mayo + black caviar
  • eggs sliced in half and topped with mayo + red (salmon) caviar
  • minced up fish pate in jelly
  • sliced fish ‘roll’
  • 3 kinds of bread
  • sliced ham (two kinds)
  • sliced pork (two kinds)
  • sliced kielbasa
  • pasztet (kind of pate)
  • babka cake
  • easter cake with chocolate
  • easter cake with orange
  • makowiec (poppy seed cake)
  • coffee, tea, white wine, water

(I may have missed something)


4 thoughts on “Easter 2018

  1. Thats quite a spread . Did M do all the cooking or was it a shared effort Happy Easter. All looks so beautiful

  2. Now Scatts do you think that you will be settling down in Poland? At first sighting of the new baby I thought…. the old bugger has produced a brother for Zosia!
    I spent most of Holy Week in Spain celebrating Granddaughter Elaine’s 22nd Birthday
    2nd year at the ancient university in Murcia behind her she looks set to be a vetinerary nurse of some sort. Plus she’s gone all “Vegan”., cut her long hair and dyed it green! There’s a pic on my iPhone , but she’s asked me not to put it on Facebook. So if you send me your email I’ll do my best to get it to you. Keep smiling mate


  3. Hi Eddie, like you, we quite like the idea of being able to give babies back after we’ve played with them! Hard to believe Elaine is 22 already also that Zosia is 15. Best, Ian

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