Looking back

I wrote the passage below over 19 years ago as a sort of “bio” for an online community. I happened to find it today while trying to work out how long I’d been there, on and off. I was struck by the feeling that whilst I recognise the things I do not recognise the person. Even though it was myself it seems a little other worldly as if that person died and a new person was born. Very strange.

Was I really very interested in politics, human rights and globalisation..? Check out the technology – Psion Sienna, fax machine, 33.6 modem, Sony Walkman!

This was written less than a year before I came to Poland for the first time. After that everything changed. The life below was left behind and with it most of the possessions mentioned. By some weird accident I do still have the plate from Jordan.

Anyway, I thought this snapshot was worth preserving, so here it is.

Right now it’s 00.20 on 1st July 1997 and I am sitting in my study staring at this iiyama 17″ vision master screen. Also in the “straight ahead” view are: speakers, Viglen midi tower (with p166 32Mb 2.1Gb 10 speed CD 33.6 modem etc), HP 690C printer (stood on top of filing cabinet), empty coffee cup, mouse, keyboard, joystick, CD of game called “Outlaws” Also ahead but at higher level on a shelf:, model Ferrari 308 GTB, brightly coloured stuffed parrot on a perch that talks, model of a London Taxi Cab with Burger King sticker on its side, 3 Corporate trophys, Sub woofer.

The “Right hand view” has a pin board with – Instructions on how to type international characters, more instructions on how to embed an image & link in html, details of required specification of Jaguar car, photo of mum & dad, a small piece of abstract artwork, phone numbers of various local golf courses, Lufthansa upgrade vouchers, my accountants business card, Fax to Dubai office with details of trip to Kuwait & Dubai on Saturday, assorted other phone numbers. Also there is a clock, a Casino chip from the Swiss Hotel in Istanbul, an invitation to the opening of a Burger King restaurant in Sharjah, a notice saying “It is an offence to allow your dog to foul the footpath” and another one saying “Level in English and in Braile”. Also, slightly further round, next to the window: a sheet with the history of my surname, a Van Gogh calendar and a Far Side calendar, fax machine, telephone, pen holder, ashtray, Psion Sienna, desktop filing tay, calculator, sunglasses, remote for Radio, Post It notes.

To the “Left” – Large poster of Berlin Mitte, Dell Lattitude laptop with case & leads, numerous airline timetables & hotel guides, Michelin guide Europe 1996, CD storage case, piece of the Berlin Wall, piece of Vesuvius, floppy discs, floppy hat from the Oktoberfest, Jordan team pin from German Grand Prix Hockenhiem 1995, Plate from Petra in Jordan, Small framed pencil sketches with scenes of Munich, a clip used by climbers (carabina ?) given to me in memory of a training course in Miami, 2 sets of Arabian “worry beads”, a Sony Walkman, assorted papers awaiting filing, stapler, stopwatch, briefcase, ten year service award, Nintendo game boy, 2 passports, assorted airline frequent flyer club cards, Duracell batteries, dust.

I live with Vicki in Worplesdon, a village between Woking & Guildford south of London. We have 3 Rottweiler dogs (Gromit 2, and brothers Benson & Hedges 9), 3 Horses (Bing, Lucas & Sam) and assorted wildlife in the garden. I also enjoy Travel, Golf, Football, & Clay Shooting and am very interested in History, Politics, Human Rights, Globalisation, Technology, Food & Drink.


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