Pizza, libraries and one-eyed cats

Another day by the pool yesterday followed by a late afternoon trip into Cesena for some shopping and then a pizza dinner in Longiano on the way home. Zosia was tempted by the patapizza, as you can see below. We shared a grande fantastico or whatever it was called that had four different toppings – Parma and truffle oil, mushrooms, mozzarella-tomato-basil and lastly rocket with Parmesan and tomatoes. 

Oh yes, culture, there was some culture yesterday as we visited the UNESCO listed  Malatestiana Library in Cesena. One of a few “chained libraries” remaining in the world. Very old, quite interesting, no air conditioning and with a curator who was determined we should see everything no matter how much sweat was pouring from our brows. He was, without good reason, a little embarrassed about how poor his English was and his memory of what there was in the library that might be of interest to English speakers came in fits and spurts so we’d read whatever he pointed us to and then just as we were half way to the exit he’d say “Eeenglisz!” and then point us to another manuscript or map. He gave us an audio guide, gratis, such was his feeling he was letting us down in some way. I tried to find the rewind button and then got stuck with nothing more than “welcome” in German and French. This went on for a long time but eventually we escaped and had a cold drink at a cafe watching the robot parking elevator taking cars down and slotting them into bays underground. We didn’t see any come back up.

Good news! Blanca the one-eyed cat survived the winter, which is more than can be said for the first one-eyed cat we met here. Mind you, we are told that Blanca lives next door so perhaps she is being looked after.



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