Swallows & Swimming pools

When our swimming pool is not being used by humans it serves as a perfect bar for the local swallows (jaskółki) whose superb flight skills, and I guess eyesight as well, allow them to run the length of the pool and just take the slightest sip of water before pulling back up into the sky. Sunbathing with a scene from The Dam Busters (1955) as entertainment.

Surprisingly, I managed to capture the moment on the iPhone a number of times but as the birds were side on they were hard to see. I did however get the one below where the bird was kindly banking away and so easier to identify – left hand side above the flippers.



4 thoughts on “Swallows & Swimming pools

  1. Nice one. Pretty difficult to capture a Swallow on an iPhone.

    Did those columns once support a canopy? They look odd as they are.

  2. They seem to be very happy with it but it is not really chlorinated, or not much. Certainly does not taste chlorinated nor can you feel it on your eyes. I think they have a more natural filtering system here, which is one reason we like the place.

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