Just a quick post to wake up the blog before the new “holiday season” kicks off.

We were in town on the day of the Uprising anniversary and I snapped a couple of photos. Firstly of the Smyk building being simultaneously demolished and preserved and then of the crowds on Nowy Swiat. 

The Smyk building is on Jerozolimskie and an iconic Warsaw landmark. Fifteen years ago it was in a mess but still operated as a rambling Smyk store – kids clothes, toys and equipment. Then it stopped operating and finally someone is fixing the place up.

Nowy Swiat one of the main streets in Warsaw, on the “royal route” from the old town to the park. Closed to traffic except for buses and taxis it is where Warszawians might go to be seen taking a stroll. Not really a good street for shops as it is full of cafes and restaurants. It was really busy on this day because of the crowds following the Uprising commemorations. 

I have now finally worked out how to a) air drop between phone and pad b) find draft posts to finish them off and c) upload pictures smaller than original size in this new fangled WordPress app. So here we go!



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