Bella Italia

So here  we are again in beautiful Roncofreddo, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

The journey down followed the usual route. Day one was a long drive out of Poland, across Czech and almost all the way across Austria, stopping in Klagenfurt for the night. Day two roughly half the distance, 500km, out of Austria, through the Dolomites down to Udine and then across to Venice, Bologna and down close to Rimini before turning right and up into the hills.

It was a case of third time lucky. The first year we had a smashed windscreen. The second year we had a massive delay in Brno and a buggered alternator. This year, so far at least, the journey has been trouble free with no delays and a car that was a joy to drive. Award for bad roads goes again to Czech. They are in ever worsening condition and the amount of roadworks on the motorways is ridiculous. The award for angry drivers goes to Austria. Either they don’t like Polish people (or Polish registration plates at least) or my driving was worsening as we got closer to the end of a long journey but it was the only place I had two people gesticulating at me to suggest they would be happier if I were not on the road. Fuck them!

Here’s Zosia enjoying our first breakfast before she headed off to the pool.



4 thoughts on “Bella Italia

  1. Bon Voyage Ian,

    If you still ‘Do Cafe Dillo’ have a look at my latest posting therein….. Or Facebook under Edward Cunningham The latest social news from Spain.

  2. Hi Eddie,

    Have not done “Cafe Dillo” since I was thrown out years ago. I have thought about popping back to say hi but then I really don’t think I’m welcome any more. I don’t have any access, that’s for sure. Sad really.

    I’ll try to find you on Facebook.

    Best, Ian.

  3. Ed,

    Can’t find you on Facebook. Too many Edward Cunninghams! If you have a link or something I will try again.

    Or find me perhaps and send a friend request. Not so many Ian Scattergoods in Warsaw.


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