Brace yourselves!


Zosia had her braces fitted yesterday which was, apparently, a very exciting thing for a nearly 12 year old to do. Her teeth are in pretty good shape generally but a little shuffling is required and so for 18-24 months she will wear these braces.

After that is done there is a gadget she wears on her head at night for a while to move her lower jaw outwards just a little. Then there’s the question of removing the wisdom teeth and a few other bits and bobs so by 2018 or so her jaws and everything attached to them should be up to proper Hollywood standards.

I’m more than happy to pay what is needed to keep my family’s teeth in significantly better condition than my own, mine being something of a lost cause thanks to the state of 1960-70’s British dentistry and dentists. This happiness did not stop me letting out a slight whimper when the orthodontist finally exposed me to the full extent of the bill. I’m sure it is good value compared to the USA, UK or wherever but it still seems like an awful lot of wonga. She is worth it, of course!


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