London – Street scenes and views

In the last of this London photo series is a collection of views and street scenes taken while walking around with the family as well as from the 40th floor of the Cheesegrater (Leadenhall Building), which was part of my two day business conference. Unfortunately, it was early morning on a miserable day so the views could have been better. It was fun getting up to the 40th floor though. The glass lifts hang off the back, straight side, and travel at 6 m/s which is slower than their maximum speed but plenty fast enough. Similarly to the Eiffel Tower, the higher you go the less there seems to be holding the lifts up!

Other things depicted in the photos are:

The Golden Hinde, a galleon in which Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world between 1577 and 1580 bringing riches back to Queen Elizabeth I. He attacked and captured a Spanish galleon off the coast of Ecuador and seized six tons of treasure, which was enough for the Queen to pay off all her foreign debt and have plenty to spare. Drake was knighted and every investor in the voyage had a massive return. It is such a small ship, displacement of 100 tons, it is hard to imagine such a voyage.

A tour of Westminster Palace, Houses of Parliament. Highly recommended.

Clink Street. Originally this part of London was not the best place to hang around and was full of prisons, brothels and other such places. The use by Londoners of the word clink to mean jail comes from here, as in “Where’s Pistorius?” “He’s in the clink!”.

SantaCon 2014. Seems to be an excuse to get drunk while dressed as Santa, or an elf.

Southwark Cathedral has been a place of worship for over 1,000 years. We need to go back here as it was a lovely place but we only passed through. Had to negotiate with two officials to be allowed to take two photos without paying for a pass.




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