London – Art & Entertainment

Second of the London photo series, these feature the Tate Modern, which is on Bankside in Southwark and Tate Britain, which is over by Westminster Palace. You can catch a river taxi between one and the other.

The Tate Britain is better in our opinion as it has a good collection of mainstream modern and older paintings as well as sculpture – meant to display the full range of British art over the years. The Tate Modern is a huge barn of a place with a few good things but also a lot of stuff you need to think REALLY hard about before you give up trying and move on. It has the same kind of stuff you will see in the Palace Ujazdowskie in Warsaw. Videos of toenails, bits of artistically arranged string, white cat in a snowstorm….etc

For entertainment we went to see Jersey Boys at the Piccadilly Theatre and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Really super show. Outside the theatre we bumped into three of the stars, left to right – Jon Boydon (Tommy De Vito), Matt Nalton (Nick Massi) and Edd Post (Bob Gaudio). The guy who played Frankie Valli was nowhere to be seen.


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