Happy 7th birthday, Scattsblog

On October 20th this blog was seven years old. Seems like a long time.

Happy Birthday, oh blog of mine!

Here’s what Zosia looked like when she was seven.

Doing an Oasis in Paris


3 thoughts on “Happy 7th birthday, Scattsblog

  1. Congratulations. Has it been 7yrs already. It’s been a joy watching Zosia grow up too. Here’s too 7 more and then some.

  2. Scatts, 20 October 2007 was the eve of parliamentary election won by Platforma Obywatelska. The two milestones will inevitably coincide. Time flies… Anyway it’s always a pleasure to watch the time goes by through eyes of a blogger. And duration of active blogging is remarkable. Most fellow bloggers have given up along the way, only three of us carry on: Michael (blog launched on 1 April 2007, currently 7 years and 7 months in service), you and me (blog set up on 17 February 2009, currently 5 years and 8 months in service). I can only wish you enough time and inspiration to keep up the superior job!

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