Well it’s all happening around here, isn’t it.

Zosia was put in hospital this evening to treat her for pneumonia. She’s been coughing for a couple of weeks. Nothing obviously nasty but it wasn’t going away. Roughly half way through she seemed to be getting better but I took her to the quack anyway who prescribed what another doctor has now told us is a completely useless syrup. Well, it was useless because she started getting worse so we took her again today, to our normal pediatrician (also Medicover like the first one) who immediately diagnosed pneumonia, backed up by an X-ray.

He showed us the X-ray and it was clearly quite a bad infection in the right lung. No fluid yet though so it seems we have caught it at the right time.

Immediate hospitalization, a little OTT to be honest but ever since I got this VIP tag they have always erred on the safe side. I just spoke to Marta and they are already in action with the treatment. So mum and Zosia are sleeping in the hospital tonight and hopefully will get them home in a few days. I will of course be visiting!



3 thoughts on “Pneumonia

  1. That’s quite a shock Ian, to read of Zosia’s illness, please give her an extra large hug from Marjorie and me. I see ‘Teddy’ has been stricken too, maybe he could share a mask with Zosia to help him recover! GET WELL SOON !

  2. Ian – sorry to hear this. I don’t think hospital is OTT. Much the safest thing in the circs.

    What’s this VIP thing?

    Best wishes to you all for a quick return to normality


  3. Thank you both!

    VIP thing not what you think, probably. We had a bad experience with Medicover some time ago and I complained loudly. This, combined with me being a board member and our company providing care to all 250 employees via Medicover, plus the fact the guy running Medicover is British, plus the fact we have their “gold card” all added up to me being marked in their computer as a VIP so now they give us the red carpet treatment. It’s a bit embarrassing to be honest, but not embarrassing enough to tell them to stop and it is on occasion quite useful.

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