Great steak!

If you’re in the area and like red meat La Capannina is the place to go.

From our experience last year and this we suggest you don’t muck around with appetizers or anything else, just order a steak, potatoes and salad. To keep it super simple just order either a Fiorentina (gigantic Porterhouse steak with bone and fat), Filetto (super sized fillet steak), or Tagliata (steak served in slices).

I don’t think we will ever be hungry enough to do justice to a Fiorentina unless we shared it between the three of us but it is very popular, which means there is a constant background sound track of chef with chopper. Marta and I both had a Filetto that was roughly triple the size of the fillet steak you might expect to get elsewhere but were so tender you could cut them with a spoon and were perfectly cooked to our taste, medium for me, well done for Marta which was achieved by butterflying a normal steak so it was thinner. Despite being well done, they timed Marta’s steak to perfection meaning no blood but still edible.

All the steaks are cooked on an open charcoal grill. I went over to watch the process but forgot to take a picture, sorry!

I’m tempted to say this is the best steak I’ve ever head but I don’t think that would be true. I remember once or twice having stupendously overpriced Argentinian beef that was just as well cooked but with marginally better flavour, a restaurant in Moscow comes to mind where I was thankful not to be paying the bill. What would be true is to say that for €18 this is definitely the best value steak I’ve ever had and second or third best overall.

It’s easy to see why this place is so busy that the car park is always full and overflow cars are lined up down either side of the narrow street.


One thought on “Great steak!

  1. I watched them cook your steak on the website. part of vacation is having great food to remember also. I like my steak medium rare. When I first got married I remember cooking a beautiful porterhouse steak to death. (my ex was ready to choke me…hahaha) What did I know I was young and inexperienced. But I learned fast (my life depended on it. Looking back I wonder how I could have eaten that myself today. My mom cooked everything to death also. Since M likes hers well done would this be a preference for Poles or is it just the way Poles eat most meats. ……….So what was for dessert. My fav is tiramisu.

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