Last evening we ate at Il Ristorante dei Cantoni , perhaps our favorite restaurant from last year. Their linked website says E’ necessario il Flash Player ed un browser con supporto JavaScript. so not iPad friendly.

It’s a great place and as such is always busy so be sure to make a reservation. Thankfully, busy around these parts means full of locals not tourists. In fact in pretty much every restaurant we visit we are the only foreigners unless we venture afar to places like San Marino where it’s the other way around.

Zosia surrounded by Italians:


I had the Tortellacci di pasta matta ripieni di bufala patate e pesto di basilico , serviti con pomodorini appassiti, rucola e formaggio di fossa di Sogliano (big cheesy ravioli) to start followed by this grilled shrimps with local squishy cheese and marinated toms which tasted way better than it looks in this photo.


Marta had a selection of cheeses to start, which came with a handy guide.


She followed with our second dish of Tagliatelle con ragù rustico a coltello di mora romagnola. Zosia was picking pieces from every plate. With deserts, coffee, water and a half bottle of local vino blanco it came to around €90 including the tip.

Longiano is a nice town. As with most around here it is on top of a hill but Longiano has a historical old town, which is where the restaurant is and from where you get a great view of the surrounding countryside.


This evening we turned down the gastronomy dial and went for a pizza. Really good pizza, beer, water, deserts and coffee cost €45 including a tip the waitress thought was excessive. Her command of English was patchy but she was trying really hard. Marta asked how she learned English and she said “I see………” the pause was long enough for me to insert “…dead people?”. Fortunately she didn’t get it but I was on the right lines as she finished with “….a lot of movies”.


One thought on “Longiano

  1. That soft squishy cheese lloks like fresh riccotta to me. It’s only breakfast time here but you’re making me hungry already. Lucky for me I read your posts on my PC and not my iPod so I get to see the “flash” and navagate much quicker around the posts.

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