Kurki – chanterelle mushrooms

Kurka (plural – kurki) is the common name given in Poland to the Pieprznik Jadalny, or in English (etc) the Chanterelle mushroom. You won’t see Pieprznik Jadalny used in any restaurant to describe them but this time of year you will see a whole lot of kurki – unfortunately!

That last word will have 99.97% of Polish readers thinking I’ve made a mistake and that the unfortunately! back there should have been a thank goodness! but no, no mistake, I’m coming out as a kurki hater!

Not much substance, not much flavour, adds very little to any dish it is included in (which seems to be without limit) and impossible for anyone to clean properly.

Never in my life have I met such an over-rated waste of time mushroom that gets shoved in your face every year for what seems like months on end! We ate at Mielżyński’s last evening and it was damned hard to find any dish that hadn’t been ruined by the addition of these grit infested fungi. Click the link. It says “we now recommend chanterelle”. Shove em up your arse!

One hopeful sign is that the dish I chose, the only one without the pox, was very quickly crossed off because they ran out of it. I may not be alone.

Here’s a treat for you if you’re not really sure which mushroom I’m on about. A fine example of why mushroom pickers should not be allowed access to video cameras or editing software, or music.

Less is more is my motto with mushroom picking vids!



1 thought on “Kurki – chanterelle mushrooms

  1. Thanks. I knew I couldn’t be the only one. “Oh, they have a faint taste of apricots!” Maybe to you, cloth-tongue. And yes: grit.

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