End of school – year 4

Hard to believe Zosia will be in 5th class come September, the penultimate class in this school after which she moves on to a Gymnasium followed by a Lyceum and then perhaps college.

She has done well this year, as she has in previous years, and we’ve come home from today’s ceremony clutching various certificates.


The main year end report has the “red stripe of glory” because her overall score was something like 5.3 out of 6. She got sixes for English, Music and History. She got a four (worst score) for Maths and she got various shades of five for Polish, Plastyka (kind of handicraft thing), Nature (kind of geography thing), IT, Spanish, Technical (kind of science thing) and Physical Education.

She also got mentions in dispatches (szczególne osiągnięcia) for 3rd place in a Polish National English competition, 1st place in an International English competition and obtaining the Cambridge English “Flyers” certificate with 14 out of 15 score. The last one is normally done two years later. She was also placed 3rd, 7th and 9th in three other English tests. I expect she was getting bored by this point!

I should say that I am not formally teaching her any English at all. I just talk to her, like I’ve always done. I check her homework sometimes and answer the odd question but the rest is just down to her own work. Which explains why the one missing point in the Cambridge test was for “reading & writing”. She got top marks for speaking and listening.

On softer skills, behavior, engagement and so forth she also gets a lot of praise from the teachers and generally seems to be a happy and popular girl at school.

We’re obviously very proud. Well done, peanut!

And now – we lose her for a month as she goes for the second year running to stay with friends of ours in their home on Sicily today and returns on the 28th July just in time for us to drive her back to Italy (Romagna) for our own family holiday.


3 thoughts on “End of school – year 4

  1. Well done Zosia! Of course she’s always been my no 1 pin up girl,…..but just recently my very shy granddaughter Elaine, has blossomed, and at 18 has made a start of her University course at the Commercial Art School / University of Ben Arabi in “Downtown” Cartagena. Here’s the latest piccy

  2. Congratulations Zosia and to the proud parents of your beautiful daughter. It’s been a long time since I was in 4th grade but I still remember it (maybe not well just the handsome teacher ) Enjoy the summer.

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