My Terrorist Toothpaste

I have previously complained about the rough treatment my Zippo lighters used to get at airport security. That is behind me. They eventually beat the Zippo out of me and now I use those cheap plastic disposables, which security have no issue with. I can still make fire on a plane but not the dreaded Zippo-Fire!

I’m now confused about toiletries. My clear, but obviously wrong, understanding was that anything smaller than 100ml (or is it 100g?) was not a problem and anything bigger was verboten.

I therefore sourced toothpaste, shaving cream and so forth in small packages, which I take when flying. So why is it then that I still have to take these out and display them in a plastic bag? A plastic bag I might add that no security person has ever paid attention to.

I fail to see how security is enhanced by me and millions of others having to muck around in this way. What perceived danger is being averted by me fishing around in my bag, buggering up some careful packing and putting my tiny toilet essentials into a plastic bag?

If anyone can shed a light on this I’d be grateful.


4 thoughts on “My Terrorist Toothpaste

  1. I think it’s something to do with a thwarted attack on Heathrow a few years ago where terrorists were found to have innocent-looking liquids which were explosive when mixed. How much this device was like the bomb mechanism in Die Hard 3 is unclear.

    Also, from my reckoning, the Man With The Golden Gun could still pass through airport security with impunity.

  2. If you earned your crust by watching cattle stumble through pens, you’d probably develop the urge to prod them with sticks. Logic has no part in it.

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