Sun Day

It’s a glorious day here at Strangely Park. After a week of distinctly meh weather and plenty of rain it’s great to see blue skies and sunshine, which according to the weather app will be here all week with temperatures above 20C and rising to 29C on Friday!

Balcony dwellers were in for a treat this morning when Hemingway gathered his car club for a day out. Aside from Hemingway’s Rolls we saw a Ferrari, E-Type Jag, Triumph Stag and a modern sports car I didn’t quite catch, either a Jag or an Aston.

Sir Charles and Lord Thomas of Strangely are making the most of it.

Caught up with Hemingway briefly last week at the Annual General Meeting of the residents council. The meeting was not quite as painful as previously although the matter of some people taking some other people to court for something was still mentioned at least three times. Darth Muller and his sidekick lawyer were suspiciously quiet. I suspect a plot. The meeting was pretty much wrapped up within a couple of hours except for having to hang around and do a notarized signature for the transfer of a small piece of land to the council for the purposes of getting us a connection to the new sewage super highway they are building and that is making the drive along Marymoncka a bit of a mess recently.

Seems things in 1D, Hemingway’s building the corner of which can bee seen in the photo below, are not great. Rapster’s dogs and lifestyle being the issue. Because they are “artists” they come home at about 03:30 most nights and the dogs are so excited they bark their nuts off. This awakes Gigolo who, because he’s moving to Berlin and doesn’t care any more, gets up and starts thumping the ceiling and shouting abuse up the stairwell at them. All this wakes Hemingway who then finds it impossible to get back to sleep. Not sure what Chemicals think of all this, nor the so far mysterious person above them.

Making matters worse is that the Rapsters are planing on buying the place so looks like they are here to stay. Parkside life is not as rosy as the view, it seems.

Bad news on the political front. Florence Nightingale has been voted out of her position on the council because others, Unknowns, are jealous of her pittance of a salary. A paper was put round and we are one of the few who voted for her to keep the job. Even people who were saying it’s ridiculous we’re abstaining, such is the fear of the dark side. The power of administration now lies in the hands of people we don’t know so we’ll have to wait and see what idiotic tricks they get up to. One of them did show his intent at the meeting though with a significant complaint about the dog owners. Dogs should be on leads while on the estate and owners should clear up after them. He was, apparently, confronted by a loose “wolf” in his stairwell the other day!

Next morning, Dogmara’s husband is letting the pooch crap on the grass without a lead. The thought of that dog being on a leash is laughable.

Where is Dogmara anyway? Strangely absent for ages as has been General Patton whose all terrain special ops vehicle has been parked in the same place without moving for weeks now.

The financial report told us that we spent fifty thousand more than we earned last year so we all have to chip in to make up the difference in accordance with how much space we have. A bit annoying and involves us paying about $400 we weren’t expecting. Whoever lives in 2A apartment 2 deserves a good kicking as they owe a ton of money in overdue monthly payments. Not as much as we are spending on stupid court cases though!

All in all, business as usual at Strangely Park.




5 thoughts on “Sun Day

  1. Sun is out here too after a week of rain and cold weather that affected our Lilac Festival this year. Only thing I have to deal with is my next door neighbor that comes out on her balcony and starts smoking like a chimney. The smoke enters my apt if I have my door or window open and wakes me up. Needless to say starts stinking up my apt. (which ever way the wind does blow) Then there are the pigeons that land on the balcony thinking that is there personal place to poop. Filthy vultures.

  2. Christ, I think I’ll go on living in my HOUSE till I die. Great weather even in England at the moment. Walked in the New Forest y’day. Cuckoo calling the whole time. No, not my wife cuckolding me – she’s in hospital, though I suppose… oh never mind.

  3. Not a good idea to let a dog out without a leash. Have you seen the video that went viral of a dog biting a boy and his cat attacked the dog and saved him.

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