iPad Air


For geeky or Mac readers. I’ve got myself an iPad Air so feel free to ask any questions assuming you haven’t already owned one yourself since it was released a while ago.

It’s the wi-fi and cellular version, black, 32GB. The old iPad 2 is still going strong and is now Zosia’s best friend and so is sporting a new pinky flowery wallpaper!

Intention is that this is not only an upgrade on what has been an incredibly useful personal tool but also a step in the direction of BYOD for work use. ActiveSync has been installed today and so work mail and calendar are to hand and fully synchronized. I will now start playing with how to deal with Microsoft attachments, making more use of Drop Box and deciding whether I need a proper keyboard or not.

Initial impressions are very good. It just takes all the good things about the iPad 2 and makes them even better. Noticeably smaller and lighter but with same screen size. Better resolution screen, retina thing. Faster thanks to the better A7 processor and with the SIM card I can now use it everywhere there is a cellular signal not just where there is wi-fi without the need to bugger around tethering it to my phone.

I think this will do me quite happily until the next very significantly different model comes along, which I’m hoping (expecting) to be no earlier than in 3 years time.

I’m sure there are people who will tell me there are better tablets out there but I know my way around an iPad and the old one was faultless over the last 3 years or so despite not being treated with any particular care. Very handy as a tray for transporting cups of tea from the kitchen to the balcony, for example.

Anyway. If there’s anything interesting to report, I will.


5 thoughts on “iPad Air

  1. I still think the full-sized iPad is too big… but I happen to love my Mini.

    I don’t deal with attachments because I try really hard to not read work email at home, but you should be aware that you can now pay Microsoft quite a lot of money and get a form of Office on your iPad.

  2. I hope you get on better with Drop Box than I did. I was trying to use it to transfer photos from my iPhone 4S to my Windows PC, and it was nothing but trouble, with annoying pop-ups that I couldn’t eliminate. I uninstalled then re-installed it, but it was no better, so I ditched it.

  3. Stephen have you tried to just plug in your iphone to your PC and go to MY Computer and select your phone. That’s how I copy my photos off my iPod Touch.

  4. Congratulations Ian. I am on the fence here to replace my iPod Touch. I was just going to get the 5th Gen but my eyesight can’t read the small letters so well anymore so was considering going a bit larger like the mini till my sister went and bought a Nexus7 and swears by it. I hate Google or I might have considered it. I am looking for something very portable and my iPod Touch fit the bill best except for the “small” text. Plus it would be great if Apple comes down on their prices. I imagine you’ll be enjoying the air. Nothing like being connected where ever when ever.

  5. I’ve still not played in earnest with attachments. I did download the free Apple works set last night and they are great for viewing Microsoft files not sure about editing and could not yet find a way to edit and then save.

    The full size iPad is what I need Brad. The mini is still too big for a pocket so if I’m carrying something it may as well be a bit bigger. It’s not exactly heavy. Plus, like Chris, my eyes are not what they used to be so bigger text helps.

    Stephen, what little I have used Dropbox before has been easy enough but using it for work will be a far different exercise so we’ll wait and see how that goes.

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