Tree fluff is upon us!

It’s that time again, when the Poplar trees shed their fluff all over Strangely Park. They have been threatening for a while now but today it is coming down in bucket loads and the cats are having all kinds of fun trying to catch it. Almost as much fun as catching wasps. By the way, are cats immune to wasp stings I wonder, because they don’t seem to be going “ouch!” very often.

I notice that when I commented about the tree fluff last time, back in 2009, it was May 10th and in 2010 it arrived on May 8th, both more or less a couple of weeks later than this year which I expect can be explained by the mild winter.

If you want to know more, there were a lot of very educated comments in response to the 2009 post that are still relevant today, obviously.




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