A fresh approach to recycling

We have a communal trash collection area up by the entrance gate. It’s a sort of extension to the blind security guy’s cabin but whilst the insecurity guys live inside Strangely Park the rubbish lives outside because it’s smelly and because the garbage collectors need to get at it without having to negotiate for an hour with Laurel & Hardy. Inside the collection area we have three large rubbish bins. This kind of thing:


There are two green ones and a red one. The green are for general rubbish and the red one is for recycling and has a lot writing to that effect on the outside. Most of the time people stick to the rules and the red one is full of cardboard while the green are full of everything else.

In my imagination the contents of the green bins are sent to garbage hell, some giant anonymous land fill site, while the red one goes to garbage heaven where the contents are lovingly turned into biodegradable spanners.

Yesterday I was trying to leave at exactly the same time as the rubbish collection truck was reversing down the street. The street is so small that there’s no way they can turn the truck around, nor for me to get around it unless they go out of their way to be helpful, which these guys did not so I was stuck for a while. It was one of those trucks that lifts up the plastic bin, tips it into the back and then compresses it.

They lifted the first green bin, then the second, then the red one and off they drove. Unless this is a *magic truck* our recycling system has room for improvement.

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