Of course the main reason for popping back to the UK from time to time is to see the family and I shouldn’t deny them a blog post, even if it is a short one.

Zosia loves her grandma (and grandpa too!) and she always seems very excited about visiting England – as you can see.

Zosia and grandma

Zosia and grandma

We got bits of time with the family during the week and were particularly lucky that everyone was available, especially Robert who now lives and works in Brighton. The main event though was a group dinner at Mr Man’s Chinese restaurant in Wollaton Park near Nottingham.

Table for ten, clockwise from the smiling white haired man – dad, nephew, niece, sister, sister’s partner, mum, aunt (mum’s sister), empty chair (me), wife, daughter.

Average age of this table is 48.6

Average age of this table is 48.6

That is our entire family around that table, without starting to extend into cousins and stuff. Would normally be bigger but two brothers (dad and uncle) married two sisters (mum and aunt) so that immediately limited the numbers and then aunt and uncle had no children so that limited it even more. Bit like a game of chess and we are approaching check mate.

From the table debris it looks like we had just finished the crispy duck pancakes. The food was okay but I think we’ve decided to try Italian next time, whenever next time is.


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