Getty Images helps out bloggers

Finding the right image for a blog post is not easy if you don’t have your own to use. Finding ones that you can legally use and don’t have to borrow is even harder so the news that Getty Images has made 35 million of its 80 million images available to embed (for non-commercial use) is very welcome. I’ve long admired the catalog and quality of Getty’s images and often wished they were more easily available, well now they are. Sadly there are still a lot that are not available, for example all those from Bloomberg or the LIFE magazine collection but maybe they will follow later.

If anyone finds a way to search only the images that can be embedded, please let me know because I’ve not found a way to do that yet.

As far as I know this move is not driven by any community spirit on their part, more by the difficulties of enforcing restrictions on unauthorised use and an increasingly bad reputation for bullying in cases where they have decided to act. Instead of this they now have control over how the images are embedded with full attribution and the added benefit of being able to gather data from those who use them as well as to push adverts the other way.

Here are a few examples of images from Getty using the new embedding tool. You are looking for this icon to be able to embed </>.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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