New trends in merchandising

MERCHANDISING – In the broadest sense, merchandising is any practice which contributes to the sale of products to a retail consumer. At a retail in-store level, merchandising refers to the variety of products available for sale and the display of those products in such a way that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase.

I wonder if the merchandisers of Empik have really grasped this point?

We are in the grips of Game Of Thrones fever, coming late to this HBO drama we are only just finishing series 1 and so I went hunting for series 2 and 3. Empik, to their credit, had both on a special display stand full of blu ray, DVD, books, games and more. Among the selection were some higher price boxed sets described as “Special Edition – only at Empik” and yet having read carefully every side of the box there was no explanation of what “special” things you are paying extra for. I took the regular box sets and asked the guy at the checkout what was special about the “special editions”? His suggestion was that there were more episodes!

Right! I thought, Empik have paid HBO to film a few special episodes for them. I would have just let it go but being faced with yet another display of extreme stupidity and indifference from a so-called sales person I went back and brought over all the various possibilities – normal DVD, Blu-Ray, special editions of each – and asked him to explain what they were asking me to pay for. He had no idea and he wasn’t about to bother finding out for me either.

So, Empik, if you’ve gone to the bother of creating a special edition of something and if you want people to pay more for it you might like to tell them what they are getting for their extra cost otherwise the whole exercise is just a huge waste of time. A bit like you, a shop known for selling books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, computer games, greeting cards and stationery suddenly deciding to limit your range of those things in favour of selling kitchenware. WTF!

Earth to Empik – get a grip!


2 thoughts on “New trends in merchandising

  1. I though the ‘Don’t ask me mate’ style of retailing professionalism was an English speciality. Bit of a relief to find it prevails elsewhere.

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