Zosia’s first slow dance with a boy!

It had to happen sometime and, despite potential embarrassment, I think deserves recording for posterity.

Last evening the school held a carnival ball and from what I can gather, the kids have grown up somewhat and the almost 11 year olds have discovered the excitement of smoochy dances. I’m not sure how many were at it because I, apparently, do not qualify for too many details. Details are on a need to know basis and the only people who need to know are Zosia and mum. I got some of it but only after it had been cleared with MI6.

It was a common story I think. Boys are busy fighting each other, girls think it’s time for a dance and grab a boy, both are shy, boys more so, dance lasts one minute at arms length. But it’s a start.

Congratulations to Zosia’s chosen boy, Frankie. I’ve got my eye on you! ;-)

iCarly - one of Zosia's favourite shows and perhaps inspiration....

iCarly – one of Zosia’s favourite shows and perhaps inspiration….


4 thoughts on “Zosia’s first slow dance with a boy!

  1. He’s nowhere NEAR good enough for her! :-) Surely that’s not OUR Zosia? Your little girl, whom we’ve watched from afar, as she grew up ( wasn’t it just yesterday that she was wobbling on her unstabilised bike. I would demand a full background CIA style checkout on that scruffy suitor! AND he’s holding her far too closely :-)

    I went through all those stages twice Ian, Once 35 years ago with Alexandra and right now as Granddaughter Elaine nears her 18th next month. Give her a big Kiss from old Uncle Eddie ( and chop his hands off at the first opportunity!)

  2. Crikey, Scatts, you lost the will to live?. One second it’s ‘need to know’ only, the next scattsblog has turned tabloid and is running the pics. Watch out for flying glass.

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