Rondo 1


This shot is dominated by Rondo 1 office block, one of the nicer ones architecturally speaking. To the left, on the opposite side of Rondo ONZ is what I call the Mercedes building because of the large Mercedes sign on the top. This will be demolished and a new sexy tower will be built there. To the right of Rondo 1 is the ex-TPSA tower on Towarowa that was sold and is in the process of redevelopment and just in shot far right is Zlota 44.

Winding the clock back, on 26th April, 2006, I was standing on the roof of Rondo 1, where my office was located, and took a series of pictures. This one looking down at the place from where I took the shot at the top of this post, my current office building, still under construction at that time. Złota 44 would mess this shot up these days, dominating the left third of the picture, but in 2006 it was still only a glint in Orco’s eye. At the bottom of the shot are two lower buildings. The one on the right was the Holiday Inn but is now the Mercure because the Mercure (which in the top shot would be directly behind Rondo 1) has been demolished to make way for anther shiny thing. The one on the left used to be a sort of large open retail space full of mostly junk, a bit like the inside of Hala Mirowska is today but bigger and without any foodstuff. Anyway, that is what was demolished to make way for Złota 44.

April 2006 - Zlote Tarasy, Lumen & Skylight

April 2006 – Zlote Tarasy, Lumen & Skylight

I also took a dizzying shot straight down to Rondo ONZ.

Rondo ONZ

Rondo ONZ


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