Radio problem solved

I had a feeling Media Markt was the shop I needed to visit and I was right. Managed to get a radio that does everything we want and nothing more for a reasonable price, 225 PLN ($73). Actually we got two, a white one for the bathroom and a black one for Zosia’s bedroom.

To put that cost in perspective, the price for a set of 4 ink cartridges for our Brother printer was 180 PLN! Well, it would have been if we had bought it but instead we got 5 (two blacks) Active Jet cartridges for a total of 115 PLN.

The memorably named Sony XDR-S40DBP is a DAB / FM radio with 10 presets for each. DAB is not popular in Poland so we can only get Polish radio 1-4 plus a couple of others but it’s nice to have something digital to compare with the FM stations.

It is small to medium sized (20cm x 10cm), runs on 4 AA batteries or using the provided mains cable. For its size the sound quality is okay, good enough for where we are using it. Thankfully it is not as pig ugly as most of what’s available here.



2 thoughts on “Radio problem solved

  1. JBL Radial? – yes, going strong. Listening right now, BBC Radio 2, “Gypsy”, Fleetwood Mac, classic!

    I think we just like music in this house. Radio in every room now!

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