Talking to the cats

CATS: waa, waaa, waaa, waaa, waaaaaaa!

ME: I’m sure someone fed you hours ago before I got home you bastards!

CATS: Who us? I think you must have mistaken us for some other cats. Nobody fed us, honest they didn’t….pleeeease feed us.

ME: You ever heard the tale of Peter and the Wolf…err, or is it the boy who cried wolf? Anyway, you’re always giving me the hard luck story and big sad eyes but when I check you’ve always been fed. I’m not falling for it anymore so bugger off.

video of cats trying to get my attention – running under my legs trying to trip me up, jumping on everything, trying to destroy everything, standing by their bowls looking like they are close to death

ME: I swear if you guys could pick up a shovel you’d be smacking me on the head with it.

CATS: Felix! Felix! Felix!

ME: Look, I checked, cats have a kind of normal brain and a memory of 16 hours so that would easily cover the last time you were fed. I never had this shit from my dogs with their measly 5 minute memory span!

CATS: How dare you mention dogs! How very dare you!

TOM: Do I, or do I not play fetch with the empty Mars bar wrappers? So don’t give me all this dog crap.

CATS: Waa, waaa, waaaa, waaaaa!

ME: Did anyone feed the cats?

FAMILY: Not yet.


5 thoughts on “Talking to the cats

  1. not sure why but I was the first to post here and when following a link from FB see there was no post . Same thing another time to another post.

  2. from what I can remember I wrote yesterday (They must have smelled the tuna fish sandwich I just finished. A dog will eat till he falls over while a cat will only eat when hungry. Obviously they are s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g Feed us (or we will pounce on you when you are sleeping >^..^< )

  3. Hang on, I’ll have a look backstage……

    Nothing. No other comments from you that are being held up, or in spam, or trash or anywhere, just nothing. Maybe they appeared in FB instead??

    It is possible that there would be some disconnect between FB showing a new post and the post arriving here IF I have decided at last minute to schedule it for later or I’m still editing.

  4. I am wondering if I attempted to answer this after viewing on my iPod. Works much differently then on my PC (plus small device have to scroll thru too much) Thanks for looking. I’ll just make sure I use my PC from now on.

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