The best sushi in Warsaw

No more sitting on the fence. I’m just going to come straight out and award the prize. If you want the best sushi in Warsaw you go to Sakana.


They have three in Warsaw of which we can personally vouch for two – Moliera and Burakowska – the other is way down south in Kabaty. They also have one each in Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw and Katowice. We started using Moliera from whenever it was they opened there, years ago, but since Burakowska opened we have spent more time in that one.

We’re not sushi experts so cannot comment as regards authenticity or how well they follow traditional recipes but everything we have eaten is extremely good. Nice places, fairly intimate so can occasionally be full, good and fast service, wide choice and lots of imagination. One complaint, they don’t use the floating boats. I can understand these probably just equal more waste but for me or anyone who’s not too fussy it is useful just to keep pulling plates off and a good way to try something new that you otherwise wouldn’t know to ask for.

So why am I calling it the best? I suppose the main things are the taste and the way they are put together. Everything tastes superb. The basic stuff – fish, rice, wrapping, veg fillers – the extras – sauces, dips, special veg like the marinated mushrooms – and the other stuff too – soups, teas. The way they are assembled is just right, not floppy enough that they fall apart but not stodgy enough that they are glued together. Whilst recipes are not exactly a big thing with sushi, they do manage to combine things very well making the result better than the sum of the parts. Size is right, not too big, not too small and they don’t skimp on ingredients either, just the right balance between, say, fish and rice or maki and sauce.

Things we order often:

  • miso soup – probably not the best I’ve ever had but its pretty good
  • baked salmon maki – comes with sweet sauce and roasted sesame seeds
  • shrimp tempura maki – comes with addictive pink sauce
  • salmon tartare – also highly addictive, mixed with finely chopped leeks and five seasonings / sauces. Smooth but enough bite to be interesting. Either dolloped in a bowl or on salmon tartare maki.
  • sashimi mix – different sizes, all delicious and comes with a cornucopia of lovely veg
  • some plain old nigiri

In terms of price it’s slightly expensive but then I’d defend that by saying it is better value for money than a lot of the cardboard sushi you get for lower prices. We were there on Sunday, or was it Monday? and we sort of pigged out including most of the above plus some new stuff for around $80 USD.

Prices vary depending on what you order and is determined by the colour of the plate it comes on. I think the most expensive is the luminous pink like the one in front of my wife in the photo below which supported a round of funky eel maki. Next highest price is black, then blue and anything below that is not going to break the bank. Sashimi and the tartare are hard to predict as they just come in brown bowls.

I’m sure there are other good sushi bars in Warsaw, I know there are because I’ve been to most of them, but this place has the edge and comes thoroughly recommended from the Scattsblog household.

sushi sushi-2


In case you’re wondering the green stuff hanging off the wall is living plants. Looked a bit naff when it opened with little pots of nothing and a lot of black plastic but looks great now.


2 thoughts on “The best sushi in Warsaw

  1. Well I’m still sitting on the fence to go to a Sushi Bar and experience some true Sushi. My GF is always trying to get me to go there when we meet for dinner. (She’s from Cambodia so is big fish and veggie eater ) My palate is still being trained in this area. I have had some from my local food market that has a sushi bar there but I guess that is still not the same. So you guys like Sushi?

  2. We do. I think it takes a while to really get hooked on it but after that there’s no going back! It’s very convenient, filling, tasty and healthy too. Had some more today in fact, not at this place but at the one near work which is not as good but good enough for lunch.

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