Bicycle theft

Spotted this afternoon right outside the entrance to Zlote Tarasy on ul. Złota, just before the snow came down. You can’t see in the photo but the frame is secured to the post by one of those chain-padlock things.


I only have four possible explanations, none of which make much sense to me so perhaps a reader will advise on what is really going on:

  1. This is a brazen and broad daylight variant on bicycle theft, turn it upside down and steal the wheels.
  2. It is an extreme measure of security by the owner who has gone shopping carrying two bicycle wheels.
  3. The owner has removed the wheels to take to the Intersport shop in the shopping centre. (surely easier to just wheel the bike there?!)
  4. Some kind of practical joke.

UPDATE: The following day it is still in exactly the same place. I guess that rules out 2 and 3.


2 thoughts on “Bicycle theft

  1. I’m surprised you’ve not seen this in London… One of my many bikes is based on a frame picked clean by handy types with spanners and Allen keys. It was attached, stripped bare, to railing on the Charing Cross Road, for months. I reckon the owner had by now abandoned it. One day,in 1992, some workmen were renovating the subway passage. I slipped the foreman a tenner and asked him to use a bolt-cutter to sever the U-lock. Five minutes later I popped down to collect the frame, now the basis of my fixie (see my blog, Sept 2009).

  2. No, I’m a virgin when it comes to upside down bikes with wheels missing but now I see they represent an opportunity as well as a threat.

    Get yourself down to Złota and start creating fixie2!

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