Złota 44 side by side comparison

I managed to get a better shot to show the comparison between original artist/architect impression and what has been built. It’s still not ideal as the iPhone does not have the right lens plus the weather is different but it is better than the last one.





Other impressions of the intent of the original design were suggesting an even more dramatic difference:


I think the city of Warsaw has been badly served here. For anonymous run of the mill projects you can accept some deviations from the original vision but for something this prominent it’s inexcusable. It is the city and people of Warsaw (+ tourists) who have to live with this abomination for the foreseeable future, long after those who gave birth to it have buggered off.

Is Libeskind really still attaching his name to this?

I would suggest new rules to be applied for anyone wishing to build landmark buildings in this city:

  1. All funds needed to complete the project must be put into an escrow account before any work starts
  2. The amount deposited must include sufficient money to allow for stopping and starting work again and for dismantling any non approved elements and replacing with correct ones. It also allows for all fees that would be spent on the “rescue team”, if needed.
  3. Regular (bi weekly) inspections are made to avoid deviations becoming too large or expensive to fix.
  4. If there is ANY deviation from the approved design, work is stopped and an independent team take over and use the escrow money to finish the project exactly as approved. When finished it is handed back to the original owners along with any money left in the pot.

I’d rather things don’t get built than to end up with crap like this dominating the skyline.


One thought on “Złota 44 side by side comparison

  1. Hi Scatts!…. May I suggest an addition to your list… Sufficient money to purchase a plumb bob….. simple enough in operation….. very little training needed… just ask any UK based Polish brickie, plus a couple of straight edges in the drawing office may help to eradicate the resulting competitor to London’s “Shard”. I’d rename that “The Warp” ;-)

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