Złota 44 New Year update

It is now a whopping SIX years on from my first post about work starting on this project and still the building is not finished nor is anyone using it. By any standards that’s too long.

Perhaps it is a curse of any project with the name Złot in it because from memory the construction of Złote Tarasy (just across the street from this project) was also fraught with disaster and took at least six years to finish, probably more like ten.

Current status is that the structure and outside of the building is pretty much done. Inside though is, I’m guessing, still a concrete shell. I’ve seen no evidence of workers nor of materials being delivered and no noise or dust either so the enormous task of all the building installations and systems as well as the finishing works or “fitting-out” still lies ahead. That is at least 12 months work if they really got stuck in and probably closer to 24 the way these guys operate.

If you consider that they were selling apartments before they started work that means there must be people who will move into their apartment around nine years after they signed up for it. Ridiculous.

The photos show two things. Firstly, compare and contrast the look of the actual building with the artists impression (one assumes prepared by the original and still current architects). No question in my mind that fairly significant corners have been cut. The cladding is cheaper looking. The grand swoop of the point at the top is a shadow of its former self. They have been clever enough to keep the “general idea” while at the same time dumbing it down to save millions. It would be an interesting legal case if a tenant was to ask for their deposit back based on the fact that the building is not what was advertised. Depends what was written in the contract no doubt.

I will try to get a better photo that matches the viewpoint of the artists impression so we can compare more easily.

Secondly, you can see the only part where work does appear to be going on on the outside terrace. They have been buggering around with this for months and months but finally seem to be making a serious effort. I assume this will be some sort of landscaped terrace? The artists impression shows trees at this level so perhaps they are going to deliver that. Would be nice actually because the primary view from my desk is directly at this terrace so a bit of greenery would be a big improvement.

I’ll keep you updated, but don’t hold your breath!




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