Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here.

I need to ask a question of anyone kind enough to be reading this blog and willing to leave a comment.

When I’m writing a post I have a box at the bottom that includes the message in the title above as well as options for learning more or dismissing. I notice a friend of mine has paid the required sum for the “No Ads upgrade” to remove these adverts – currently $30 per year.

I don’t like the attitude of infecting you with a disease and then charging you for the vaccine but I suppose they have to get rich somehow and ads are a commonplace disease these days.

My question is simple, are you seeing ads and if so are they annoying or subtle enough not to worry about?



8 thoughts on “Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here.

  1. I’ve never seen an ad on your blog, either in PL or in the US. Or I guess I should say, if I have, they are _very_ subtle.

  2. Thanks, DC, good to know. If you ever do get annoyed by an ad here let me know.

    I suspect I do not have either the traffic or subject matter for them to bother placing ads here.


  3. I believe I have more in the form of a photo either under or above one of yours which when I viewed for the first time thought it to be part of photos you posted. Now I’m on to them so am more aware of how more creative they are becoming in their placements. But they don’t bother me. I understand its part of the whole picture on the Internet.

  4. Thanks Chairman & Chris as well! I have now clicked the “dismiss this message” text, which they may have been waiting for – tacit agreement for them to place ads. Anyway, if anyone sees anything please let me know because $30 is worth paying if the ads get annoying.

  5. I’ve never seen an ad here, but then I use AdBlock plugin, so I may not see them even if WordPress places them somewhere on your blog. A $30 worth of beer is what I recommend :)

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