How NOT to organise a blog

Another of my winter spring cleaning jobs is to try and fix all the broken links to photos in this blog and what a royal pain in the pupa it is.

When I first started the blog all my photos were housed on pBase. For some reason I also stored there most, not all, of the photos used in the blog. I think it was a question of commitment, where was I going to stay the longest, WordPress or pBase. Or maybe WordPress didn’t have such good storage space as they have now, or perhaps it was because a lot of the photos were needed both in photo galleries and in a blog post? Could be that I was posting in both this blog and Polandian for some time so needed a central place for image storage? I can’t remember the reason now but what’s for sure is that they were in pBase and were linked to the blog. So, if I pick any random month from the past I have patchy coverage of images, some are there and some are boxes with question marks inside. If you look at the HTML code for the bad posts they are full of links to pBase:

< a href=”http: // scatts/image /111642299/ original” >< img alt=”” src=”http: // scatts/image/ 111642299/ medium.jpg” / >< /a > 

This would be fine if I had left everything at pBase but after one crash too many, getting tired of the dated and clunky look and the lack of features I decided to move all my images to Zenfolio. I do miss the community at pBase, which is far better than Zenfolio, but that wasn’t really the main reason for being there. I didn’t want to keep both going as they both cost money and it would mean double the maintenance so pBase was closed down and all those links in the blog posts died.

Since then I’ve been staring at about 600 images all lumped together in a file called “old blog photos” and avoiding doing anything about it. To make it worse the photos cannot easily be organised and matched to posts. They don’t all have handy file names, some just have numbers. Organising by upload date doesn’t work because they were all uploaded to Zenfolio at the same time. Date taken doesn’t work because not all have exif data, especially if I’d borrowed it from the web somewhere so I’m faced with either trying to guess some text in the post by looking at the photos or by trying to guess, and then find, the missing photos by reading the post. When I do manage to match something I then have to download originals from Zenfolio to the Mac, then upload to WordPress, then delete the bad links and insert new media.

A bit of a pain but I’m working through it slowly.


2 thoughts on “How NOT to organise a blog

  1. I feel your pain. Recently I lost my Webshots account. I was a paying customer and had some 3000 photos uploaded to the account with albums and comments. One day they decided to sell off never announcing to their customers. I now have these 3000 photos on a flash drive but all comments gone and all fotos not in their original proper places. Most customers went to flickr but just not the same. I miss my Webshots account and still not sure what to do with the photos. They all need to be organized and retitled. Any suggestions that might be helpful?

  2. It’s difficult Chris. I’ve looked around a few times recently and not found anything that I would call the ideal or best place to be. My main criteria would be to avoid, as far as possible, sites that might follow Webshots idea and just sell up or close down. For me, that eliminates Ipernity for the moment, I just don’t trust them. I think paying a reasonable price is fair if it means they are going to stay in business. Flickr is okay for a few unimportant iPhone snapshots but useless at managing large galleries. I actually copied all my galleries over there with intentions of scrapping Zenfolio but it was such a disaster I then deleted them all again!

    Picasa just seems complicated to me because it keeps getting mixed up between Google+ and Picasa. Also they have a 15GB limit after which you have to pay but that’s not the end of the world as I pay for Zenfolio anyway. You can check out a friends galley here that has a lot of photos well organised –

    Smugmug seems to be too focused on selling you prints, calendars or albums, which is annoying. pBase is too old and clunky and who knows when they will decide to sell up but does have a good community. Zenfolio is too much aimed at people wanting to sell their work, has poor community (almost none that I can see) but does seem to be very stable, adaptable and reasonably good looking place to store galleries. Good back-office tools as well.

    At the moment then it is a case of choosing the worst of a few different evils. Strikes me there is a gap in the market here for people like us who want reliable hosting of our galleries, sensible navigation and layouts and a community of some sort for average price but nobody wants to fill it, not yet at least. They are all trying to reinvent the wheel or sell out to Facebook.

    I might try harder with Picasa. It seems the closest to what I want. Not sure if it has a community?

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