The kitchen puzzle

Whilst I have some time off work I’ve been getting stuck into a few jobs that have been on the back burner for ages. First off was reorganising the kitchen storage. We have a grand total of 59 places to store things in the kitchen. That’s closed places like drawers, cupboard shelves, racks, etc, not including the tops of work surfaces. That’s a ridiculous amount of storage and made more complicated by it being at different levels from very handy to slightly awkward to “fetch me the climbing rope and crampons!”.


After the initial arrangement on moving in two years ago things have sort of evolved but not in a way that was going to ensure survival of the species. We had a prime eye-level shelf above the steam oven full of all the old plastic and paper bags we bring home combined with table mats we use often but they didn’t quite fit properly because of all the bags.

The adjacent shelf above the normal oven was full of tinned and bottled foodstuff, which was okay except you could only ever see the front row so whatever was behind tended to be forgotten as evidenced by some of the expiry dates being two years ago. it’s a wonder we didn’t have any explosions.

As my internal clock is all out of whack from being off work and school run duties it was at 01:30 one night that I decided to deal with it. By 03:00 I was finished. Everything in far more sensible places. Stuff we use is handy, stuff we don’t is on the shelves that need steps to get at. By the time I’d rendered the contents down to what was still alive and still used I’d made four large sacks of rubbish, created plenty of empty shelves and even found more room for things we were getting short on space for.

Next up before I get back to work is the storage in the corridor which is equally screwed up just with different things like, lego, old games consoles, DIY equipment, candles, keys, spare parts, flower pots…..



3 thoughts on “The kitchen puzzle

  1. I do hope you will feel able to keep us informed about how delighted or otherwise Mrs Scatts is with the new super-rational disposition of things.

  2. She’s delighted, Stephen! I have the advantage of being the head chef of the household and therefore relocation of cooking equipment will not bother her too much, also, other changes were to her advantage in terms of bringing useful things down to a more accessible level. All is good. ;-)

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