Bosch Logixx 8 error code F:18

Bit of a panic last evening. The second load of washing failed to finish, the machine displayed an ominous F:18 message and refused to do anything at all. Bedsheets and a lot of water were still inside.

No point pressing this button

No point pressing this button

An internet hunt told me this was a pump error. I found the pump filter and started unscrewing. Bad idea, lots of water coming out. I put it back in. I found a small container, put it under the rubber hose thing and took the end off. Twenty six containers later the machine was empty. Took out the filter again and found:

  • two small sticks
  • one small key

The sticks were not a great idea but the key was actually stopping the water pump turbine whatsit from turning. Got long nose pliers, removed key. Cleaned and put everything back together again. It worked!

The key is from one of Zosia’s special secret diaries, most likely pink colour. The sticks are a mystery. I suspect the key is what had been causing the worrying grating noise for the last few weeks and it finally found its way to a place where it could bugger things up.

It must be nice to have an all round home technical expert like me around. Not only can I deal with every possible IT problem the family has but I can also fix washing machines, build Ikea furniture and all sorts of other useful things! Is there no end to my talents? :-)


7 thoughts on “Bosch Logixx 8 error code F:18

  1. Well I guess you are the all around Mr. Fix it guy. M better hold on to you. :P I’m sure it feels good to have been able to fix that on your own, save a ton of zloty and and satisfaction priceless.

  2. Hi Scatts, so now you’ve finished with your household repairs, nip over and start on ours!:-)
    Happy Christmas to you all
    Eddie & Marjorie

  3. I heard Tim Cook was going to quit Apple and start working at Bosch. Once that happens, the pump assembly will be super-glued shut.

  4. Now that I know more of your myriad talents I have put you on the speed dial of my phone for calamities in the Block household.

    Top of the season to you all.


  5. My services are available for hire. Schedule of rates varies depending on whether I can be bothered or not, how the bank balance is looking, etc.

    As for design. I’m quite impressed that this key made its way from a pocket, through the machinery, to finally rest in the pump housing without actually buggering anything up. Ze Germans are good engineers!

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