Warsaw snaps

This first snap, taken before the snow fell, is of part of a collection of Banksy style graffiti commenting about the struggles in Tibet that you can find under the highway somewhere near Wolska:


The second shows the still empty Złota 44 residential tower lit up with its patriotic Polish flag coloured LED stripe from top to bottom. Hard to get the iPhone camera to display this properly:


And finally the last two of the snow that finally fell in Warsaw from the evening of the 4th December through the following couple of days. Combined with the effects of storm “Xaver” it whipped up blizzard conditions in the city centre. The first also displaying the tail end of one of the numerous hoards of teens/kids that visit Zlote Tarasy shopping centre at this time of year.



2 thoughts on “Warsaw snaps

  1. why is Zlota 44 still unoccupied. No tenants or no one interessted in moving in. I remember when they were building it and watched as it was slowly coming together (thru your lens)

  2. Main reason is that it’s still nowhere near finished. Outside is almost done but inside as far as I know is still concrete, no installations, nothing. I have no idea how much longer they expect to be working or how long they expect people to wait for their apartments. Also no idea how many have actually been sold.

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