Mars bars at Auchan

I confess I usually pay little attention to prices in supermarkets, or better to say I pay attention to the price of what I’m buying but don’t do much comparing of that with other similar products. I do have this romantic notion that if I’m buying a larger quantity pack then it will be cheaper, with the exception of things that are priced by weight in the first place

Yesterday was for some reason an exception and Mars bars caught my eye.



Three ways to buy Mars bars – singly, in a pack of 4 or in a pack called 5+1. When the +1 tag is used I’m thinking that they are giving me one for free when I buy five, not that they are just being creative with the number six.

By way of helping Zosia with maths I asked her to work out which option was the cheapest way to buy Mars bars and the answer was surprising. To buy one individual Mars bar costs 1.21 but when you buy a pack of four you are paying 1.24 each, so a penalty for buying more of of them. When it comes to 5+1 we were using the price tag in front of the 5+1 Mars bars, which says 6.59. That would mean 1.32 each if you were paying for 5 and getting one free or 1.10 if you were expecting to pay for 6. In my mind the inference is clearly “one for free” in which case the cost per bar in this pack is even higher than for four. However, closer inspection of the photo shows the price tag is actually for “Baunty” (their spelling) and so cannot be relied upon. I cannot find the receipt to check what I paid.

Caveat emptor….a falsis principiis proficisci…and other such Latin. Watch out, things are not what they seem in the supermarket and I for one will be paying closer attention from now on.


6 thoughts on “Mars bars at Auchan

  1. Sounds like you and I shop alike. Something similar just happened with me and a loaf of bread. I always buy the store brand (avg white bread) and the cost is .79 a loaf. I was looking at my receipt and saw I was charged 1.99 for the loaf. Thinking I got overcharged I was ready to march down to the store but decided to check it on line first. (you can go on line to their website and make a shopping list and they give you prices etc and also save copies of your purchases ..a convenient tool and at the same time realized how much big brother is watching me) The 1.99 load is called Whole grain and .79 is called Homestyle both same size and similar shape and same color wrapper. Their other loafs are packaged differently and priced much higher. I buy the cheapest for sandwiches and toast because I don’t find the bread any better if it is 1.00, 3.00 or free. In other words bread here stinks. Not like good Polish bread. Well this taught me a lesson to pay attention. But when you shop often and always buy same things its easy not to when in a hurry…you just grab and go. I also know now why the checkout always asks. “did you find everything okay”. I am starting to think that is cause every time you come into the store they move the merchandise. Stop moving my cheese!

    BTW Nice new car Scats…what kind is it.

  2. You do have to watch out for this. Auchan’s prices yo-yo all the time, as the store responds to price fluctuations across key products in its competitor stores. Two 500g cans of Kit-e-Kat cost less than a 1kg can one week, but then the next week the 1kg can is the better deal. Same when it comes to presentations of washing powder and indeed confectionary.

    Mars bars… Remember the old slogan ‘A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play’?

    Whatever were the copywriters thinking when they came up with that loser concept?

    ‘A six-pack of jumbo-size Mars bars an hour helps you…’ well, you make up the rest, but the notion of flogging a single bar per day is hardly a stretch target is it?

  3. Supermarket pricing is a highly developed form of deceit designed entirely to part unwitting consumers from their money with deceptive lures. Treat all supermarkets as robber barons and proceed with the utmost disbelief at all times. Do not buy 3 for the price of 2 if all you originally wanted was 1..

  4. That’s precisely what they do. They use little tricks to wheedle extra money out of you. They don’t do it because they need it so much for the bottom line – it doesn’t even cover the salaries of the army of a-holes they employ to dream up these pieces of deceit, they just do it because it is a little bit of wickedness and they love it. They specially love coming on line and reading blog post complaints about it, so if that’s one of the people reading this now, you can shove your special offer up your special offer hole. And that’s ye telt, as they say in the north east.

  5. ‘A six-pack of jumbo-size Mars bars an hour helps you…’ well, you make up the rest, but the notion of flogging a single bar per day is hardly a stretch target is it?
    .”….won’t make you look good later in the shower” :)

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