Parking and driving fast

Couple of quick observations from experience in Warsaw.

The smaller a car is, the faster it will be moving unless it’s a Skoda in which case it doesn’t matter what size, it will be going even faster.

Etiquette dictates that you should park nose first into any parking space (that is not parallel to the street of course – although that is questionable for some). Parking arse first, reversing in, is what I was taught and always practised in the UK. It seems to have the advantages of a fast getaway as well as, more importantly, allowing considerably better vision of the street you are pulling out into. – i.e safer.

The Polish way is actually made doubly dangerous because of the pedestrian habit cum sport of walking as close to the back of a reversing car as you possibly can, even if the car is moving and ideally making full use of blind spots. Reversing out of a parking space is therefore a highly risky venture.

I often try to imagine this second observation is not true, just my imagination but then once every six months or so some kind elderly person gives me an earful for parking the wrong way around.

I just scanned the parking at Strangely Park – the only person parked arse first is me. Would also be my wife if she wasn’t in the basement.

In fact my beautiful wife was berated not too long ago by the lady we call Cruella de Vil (yes that is the correct spelling) who lives on the ground floor opposite. She was complaining that my wife was making too much noise (doing nothing more than normal when parking a car) and didn’t she realise that people live on the ground floor. Or something. I suspect this was supposed to be a rant about parking the wrong way around and pointing the exhaust pipes at her bedroom/study/kitchen whatever it is (15m away behind a tree and a bush) but she was too traumatised to explain properly.

The scene is Cruella de Vil on the day she inspected her apartment before buying

  • Ground floor apartment – check
  • Parking spaces right outside the window – check
  • Where do I sign?



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