Orange – please leave us alone!

I had a call today on my mobile from Orange. They wanted to speak to Marta but have my phone number, no idea why. I asked if it is an offer because if so we aren’t interested. She said it wasn’t and that it was something important they must speak to the owner of the account about. I assume our Neostrada contract is in her name but with my phone number, but whatever. Orange lady asked if she could call at 21:00, I said okay.

She called at 21:00 and spent a while asking vague questions about our phone set up and type of account. She then tried to sell Marta an insurance policy.

Orange are now calling my wife at least once a week either on her mobile or mine on every occasion trying to sell her something she doesn’t want.

This is verging on harassment now and if they don’t piss off and leave us alone I’ll be taking action.

While I’m ranting let’s talk about Cyfra +, or n+ as they are now called. Yet another unwanted call a couple of months back. Our contract is running out and they want us to renew. They have an amazing offer, the XYZ package, costs slightly more than we pay now but includes many extra channels. We make it clear at least twice that we want the same channels plus the only addition would be BBC Lifestyle and the HD version of BBC Knowledge. The salesidiot says we will get both of those if we take package XYZ but is mainly selling us MGM channel which she says is fantastic. We take XYZ package and find shortly after that;

  • MGM channel is a complete waste of space that we will never watch
  • History channel, that we do watch, is now blocked.

We call back. They argue with us and tell us we have to pay an extra 1.99 for History channel. We tell them to play back the recorded conversation. They say okay you can have History channel for nothing and “you will notice 1.99 added to your bill but just ignore it”.

We’ve been ignoring it. Now we are getting hassle because we are 3.98 (2 x 1.99) behind with our payments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, lets keep going shall we.

Eden, the water people. Long time ago they were pushing water filters as an alternative to the bottled water we were using previously. Fine idea in principle. They installed the water filter on the supply to the kitchen sink, as it turns out it was nothing you couldn’t buy down at Castorama and was undersized. Plan was to change it every six months but by 4-5 months the water pressure has dropped so much it is nothing more than dribbling out of the tap. We were paying about 50 zlots a month for a dribbling tap!

We eventually get round to telling them their water filter is pants and they should take it away and cancel the contract. We can’t do that for another three months, they say. We wait and then tell them again. Finally we are free. I’ve taken great pleasure in uninstalling the filter and all equipment throwing it in the bin and connecting directly to the mains again. We have great water pressure once more.

Kitchen sink is used for the kettle, boiling veg, washing up so despite Warsaw’s claim that the tap water is drinkable it matters not. I’ve installed a filter in the fridge so the water and ice coming from that dispenser is good enough to drink plus we always have a bottle of mineral water in the fridge anyway.

All these idiots are doing my head in.


5 thoughts on “Orange – please leave us alone!

  1. Sounds like a bait and switch. We have people like that calling all the time. Right now we have one calling fo gas and electric but they are scammers calling everyone. can’t get rid of them. Even govt is offering reward if someone can figure out how to catch these annoyers. I get at least one call from them a day. But yours is real. I sympathize with you. They are a night mare and here could even ruin your credit.

  2. If you have an iPhone, just add the number to your blocked callers list. I never get spam calls like you do but occasionally a spam SMS comes along, so after Apple added the ability to block callers I added all those spam SMS numbers to a single “Spammer Spammerson” contact …so no more annoying SMSs.

  3. In that case, consider using the Do Not Disturb feature? I usually have mine set for 1800 – 0900. The only calls that go through are those on my favourites, although you can adjust this and use any contact group you want.

    The rest of the time, I usually just ignore unknown callers. Maybe this won’t work for you, I don’t know, but I don’t seem to be missing out on anything critical.

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