Visiting the dead

It was All Saints Day yesterday so we visited dead relatives. We have missed the last two years so it was nice to go this year and it was a lovely day for it.

Rumour has it that the going cost for enough real estate to house you when you’re dead is 16,000 PLN if you want to lay down or 9,000 if you’re in an urn in a wall.

You don’t expect much to change in graveyards but we noticed they are slowly investing in new headstones for those killed in the uprising, which includes a member of our family. Pictures below show existing and new style.






5 thoughts on “Visiting the dead

  1. In Buffalo they had similar ceremonies for All Saints Day. Only the Polish community does this tradition. In Rochester where I am the Polish church near me does not. I wish we all celebrated it as you guys do. I think its a great tradition. (I’m not sure about lit candles left behind)

  2. Strange, but I’ve never in 15 years heard of a single fire incident associated with these candles. They are enclosed in a glass jar though, not many naked flames.

  3. Definitely Polish, Stephen, and behind him an Irishman! Quite a cosmopolitan graveyard.

    Coincidentally, the name Antoni is also the name of our family member in the gravestone picture in the post above, which was also inspiration for Zosia’s middle name. Antoni was quite a popular Polish name in those days.

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