Darth Muller gets a visit from the rozzers


It’s all happening at Strangely Park this morning!

I’ve written before, I think, about the bad blood that exists between the Evil Empire (developers and past administrators) and the Chosen Ones (current administration), a toxic relationship that has had a bad influence on the proper running of the estate since the beginning. Well, a breakthrough of sorts happened in the spring when votes were cast in favour of doing some proper maintenance works, primarily the roofs and all the external insulation. Evil Empire were against it of course with their usual claim that everything is fine but it was passed with an accompanying increase in the remont fund.

The roof works are being done now. Our building was first and is finished, they then moved over to the Fitnesses building next door. The insulation works will be done in the spring.

According to form it was not long before letters started arriving in the post box, first from the Evil Empire making all sorts of claims then a repost from the Chosen Ones. This was followed by a true to form reply from the Evil Empire that ended with “we’re going to sue you” followed by a response slapping down all their complaints. It’s stupid crap like Evil Empire wanted to see how the tendering was done because think it was done badly and Chosen Ones saying “well your firm was invited to bid but didn’t even reply”.

Work was stopped for a short time but has since resumed.

The paperwork stopped coming and Evil Empire resorted to emails with pictures of what they consider to be bad work and titles like “Nightmare in Mochina”. This getting responses from residents like “please take me off your propaganda mailing list”. Really, it’s getting silly.

Anyway, Darth Muller can’t help himself and has spent considerable time climbing the scaffold and mooching around on the roofs with his camera. I saw him doing this a while back and wondered about the health, safety and security aspects of his actions. This morning he was up there again on Fitnesses roof while they were working.

Next thing a police car arrives. I can hear the boss of the roofers talking to them and explaining there’s a lunatic climbing up their scaffold and getting in the way plus some discussion about whether he speaks Polish or not. The policemen go inside a presumably speak to Darth who is by now inside his apartment.

I was waiting for screaming and shouting followed by Darth being escorted away in handcuffs but sadly the police left empty handed.

It really is a shame these two sides can’t cooperate. The Evil Empire do have a lot of history, knowledge and skills that could be used to everyone’s benefit and it’s not a bad thing to have some checking going on but their approach is just so damned negative all the time, always claiming that nothing needs to be done because everything they did 15 years ago is still in perfect condition and always with legal threats. If they could just accept that not everything they did was great, that after all this time work does need doing and then offer to help min any way they can, life would be great but I think hell will freeze over before that day arrives.

Never a dull moment here at Strangely Park.

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