Trouble at t’mill

Strangely Park is gripped in a glorious “after summer” with Volvo Polestar skies and sunshine. Twenty something centigrade during the day but the evenings give a glimpse of what is to come when the temperature drops to sevenish.

People all over Warsaw are making the most of it with barbecues and beach parties. The Rapsters have really gone for it this weekend and taken over from Kurwa Gang, who it has to be said are losing their grip in terms of long periods of noisiness and general bad behaviour. Rapsters have been going since yesterday sometime, invited a bunch of friends round, got the music blaring and and engaging in drunken frolics on the penthouse balcony. At least nobody has fallen off yet. When they need a break they take the yappy dogs out for a walk whereupon they go mental with joy at escaping the noise.

As I sit here I’ve enjoyed a karaoke version of Felicita followed by an animated version of Je T’Aime, a disco remix of Bony M’s Gotta Go Home and the M C Hammer classic, U Can’t Touch This. Looks like they are settling in for a long night. With luck this is a 90’s themed “leaving party”.

Hemingway, a known hater of the Rapsters, being as he lives underneath them, has been forced to unwrap the MG and go about town in his Toad of Toad Hall outfit. Chemicals, also on the ground floor of Rapster’s block, have just returned from their day out. Parked the X3 got out and looked angrily up at the top floor of their building. It’s not going to be pretty.

We’ve been out on the bikes down to visit Warsaw’s latest “beach” in Zoliborz. Essentially, if you tip a couple of skips full of sand close to the river, play some music, serve drinks and arrange a few deck-chairs it is a beach resort. The exercise was good.

On Zoliborz beach!


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