Windscreen is ****ed!

The original repair held up well but in the heat a new and much longer one developed so the screen must be replaced.

The leasing company were about as helpful as a chocolate teapot. Their help consisting of typing “car glass company near Roncofreddo, Italy” into Google and sending me the details of Doctor Glass in Rimini. Not that they have made any contact with the Doctor nor do they have any arrangement in terms of payment of the 623 Euro. It is all down to me.

My car is due for renewal in November and I think it is time to change leasing company.

Elisa at Doctor Glass was very helpful when I visited for the inspection yesterday, despite this being the first time she exercised her English for ten years. Way better than my Italian. I’m still saying “gracias” half the time!

The replacement is set for Wednesday at 14:00 so only short trips until then. It’s slightly complicated because of the rain sensor and the video camera but they seem okay so fingers crossed!



2 thoughts on “Windscreen is ****ed!

  1. Commiserations, Ian. I’ve had two screens shatter on me in 48 years of driving. A Peugeot 504’s screen was hit by a booby trapped bridge in Munich ( a brick hanging from the bridge was hit at high speed at night). It would have hit me square on, except I was driving a RHD vehicle….. Dealt with very efficiently by the Main Dealer in Hanover. 2nd. was an Army Land Rover which came under attack from a mob of juiced up kids in Armagh N/I. ( this was before the Army got around to protecting the screens with XPM) Nothing as high tech. as your immediate problems, but hairy enough to be going on with!

  2. Lots of complications with high tech stuff. My GF’s brother owns a glass place here in town and they come to you and replace your glass on the spot. Do they have that service in Europe or is it d/t the fact of your techie stuff need to bring in to service.

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