Inauspicious start

We arrived at our temporary home in Italy yesterday at 16:30 pretty much exactly as planned, which was surprising given the complication at the start.

On the highway out of Warsaw our windscreen was hit by a flying stone. According to those who always know best this was my fault because I sped up in response to being tailgated by a moron. Had I not sped up this would not have happened. Mea culpa.

The damage at first was the usual large star shaped dint but before long one of the cracks had spread 15cm across the screen and threatened to go further.

I called base camp and was directed to a glass shop in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.


There was a lot of head shaking going on. It was bad, it takes three days to get screens for the XC60 and it has to be done by a pro because of the video camera in the screen that is used for the “city safety” feature.

We explained we didn’t have time for all that and that what we needed was some good old Polish kombinuing that would stop it getting worse until we got home. This raised another problem, that we should not be allowed to cross any borders with such damage!

No matter, kombinuing ensued involving drills and glue and it seems to have worked despite the heat, bumps, altitude and many hours of 130-170 kph.

We stuck our wigniety, the road tax stickers for Czech and Austria, over the crack just in case anyone was looking for such things. Fortunately it was way off to the right hand side just above last years stickers. As it turned out both borders were completely empty anyway.

The road tax by the way is just over 200 pln for a month in Czech plus two months in Austria. That’s the shortest available time after 10 days, which is not long enough for us.

More to come.

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