Holiday time at last!

In an ideal world I would have already made a ton of money and now be in my ideal state of “semi-retired”. We’ve done alright but retirement is not an option and I need to keep my nose to the grindstone. Thankfully, I enjoy my job but every one has its frustrations and this year has been particularly difficult primarily thanks to a lot of people leaving the company and the inevitable turmoil that follows. Not altogether bad, I must say, but disrupting nevertheless. In my role as a senior director, member of the board and so forth I’ve had to be very active on behalf of the company generally in addition to my day job of running three departments in Poland and getting involved in other more regional/global initiatives. I am therefore very much ready for a break.

Despite our intention to go elsewhere this year we have ended up back in Italy. I searched long and hard for the right combination in France to no avail but ended up finding what appears to be the ideal spot in Italy – HERE.

We leave on Tuesday and drive from Warsaw to Wolfsberg in Austria, about 9-10 hours. After a night there we have a 5-6 hr drive to our destination in Italy on Wednesday. Two weeks in Italy with a few visits to places like San Marino, Rimini and that whole coastal scene as well as a few inland highlights and then we head back, stopping in Vienna for a couple of nights on the way.

Looking forward to it and will be posting here as we go.


3 thoughts on “Holiday time at last!

  1. Happy hollyers Scatts!!

    We’re just back from a 3 cornered circular tour of Germany! Highlight for me was the first weekend in Hameln ( Pied Piper town) which felt moved enough to present the ‘ Freedom of the City’ to the Corps of Roysl Engineers and we old soldiers, who were there in thr earlt 70s., managed top get body and soul together and paraded through thre old town to the strains of ‘Wings’ our Regimental March. Several hundred townspeople turned out to witness the spectacle and many emotions were shaken if not stirred as we stumbled / swung past the saluting dias.

  2. Thanks, Eddie. Nice to hear from you.

    Sounds like you enjoyed Germany, although I’m not sure about having to pack a uniform and march around on holiday!

  3. Happy Holidays to you 3. (My long lost cousin lives in Steranzo and the other in Bolton….I have some ground to cover)

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