Missing the chicken

Sleeping with Charlie by Ian Scattergood
Sleeping with Charlie, a photo by Ian Scattergood on Flickr.

Zosia (AKA the chicken) has been away since goodness knows when, the whole of July.

She’s a lucky girl and is staying with good friends, a couple and their son who is in her class at school, at their place on the island of Sicily. They drove down stopping in southern Poland and then Klagenfurt, Austria before the push to catch a ferry from close to Rome over to the island. She’s coming back by direct flight with Ryanair and arrives this Friday. We can’t wait!

We are creating a new bedroom for her while she’s away, well some other people are and we’re just paying for it. The original idea being to have it done when she gets back but the joiner (stolarz) has let us down on timing and so she’ll be sleeping on the sofa for a few days, as she is in the above photo, before we go on our family holiday. More of which in coming posts. We are assured the bedroom will be finished by the time we get back three weeks later.

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