Charlie & Tom

Charlie and Tom are our new cats and as the last catty thing on here was the death of Nelson, they should be properly introduced.

Two brothers, Charlie (grey) and Tom (ginger) were born roughly the same time Nelson died, mid September 2012, in a cow shed somewhere near Minsk Mazowiecki to the east of Warsaw. As the family were missing Nelson I thought introducing a new animal might be a nice idea and with Christmas coming up it seemed a good time to do it.

Given the untimely deaths of both our British Blue cats I was on the lookout for something less prone to a weak pedigree gene pool and as they are left alone often I thought two might be better than one so they can keep each other company. Word was put out and Anna at work came up with the solution, two kittens, a brother and sister, born on her uncle’s farm. The deal was done, I collected them just a few days before Christmas and brought them home.

Originally called Bonnie and Clyde they were not off to a good start as both immediately came down with a virus of some sort as well as having ears stuffed full of spider mites. Many visits to the vet followed. Clyde (now Charlie) recovered quite well but Bonnie (now Tom) just kept getting worse and I was seriously worried my Christmas present to the family was going to turn out to be another dead cat! Christmas Eve, Bonnie was in a dreadful state, not eating, hardly drinking, great difficulty breathing and moving. After having been given a subcutaneous glucose injection Bonnie was either going to turn a corner or die. I persevered though and a combination of home care, hot water bottles, steam inhalations and vet treatments worked and Bonnie eventually recovered.

Once they were both stronger we got into things like vaccinations and normal, non life saving treatments. Somewhere along the way we found out that Bonnie was not Clyde’s sister but his brother. A name change was called for and we settled on Charlie and Tom.

Like most kittens they were absolute nutters. Daily routine was – eat, go batshit crazy, sleep – repeat. They had their little nuts of manhood removed a couple of months back and they have calmed down just a little. They still go crazy but not for as long as before.

Family reaction has ranged from excitement to anger and everything in between but I think Charlie and Tom are slowly winning everyone over despite not being very Nelson-like.

Here they are sleeping on the terrace today.



4 thoughts on “Charlie & Tom

  1. Two cute kitties. Good luck with them. i’m sure they will be just as entertaining and lovable as Nelson. >^..^<

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