Saturday, January 5th

Good news, Dogmara is still alive and kicking!

Almost squished her grunty thing today as I was driving out. It was taking her for a walk and had decided it really wanted to be in the middle of the road and even as I drew closer it refused to move. Dogmara pretended to talk to it, as usual with no effect and then tried to physically move it, surprisingly also with little effect given how small it is. Is she a ghost perhaps, or the dog’s got the density of a black hole? One of them is not of this world and has very limited powers or even a stable physical form here on earth, just not sure which one it is. It might have something to do with a disruption of their quantum state perhaps. In most of us the dominant part of our atoms is the tiny bits of actual matter and what’s more, for the most part, they stay in the same place. With one of these two this has been reversed, the dominant part is the overwhelming amount of empty space and they keep moving around. We need to chuck them in a large hadron collider and see what happens. My money is on her vanishing and grunty thing walking out like nothing happened.

High technology note to residents was applied with scotch tape to the entry door yesterday – “Take your old Christmas trees and dump them in the last parking space near the roundabout.”. Tired as I was of sweeping up pine needles five times a day you can consider me to the first resident to comply.

Dumping the tree – DONE
Removing outside light display – DONE
De-Christmassing the rest of the apartment – DONE

Bye-bye season of goodwill, see you in a year.

Talking about hi-tech, we’re back into the residents web thingy. Turns out we didn’t, because we can’t, change the username after all and so we were never going to work that out. Anyway, we were given new details and have logged in and more importantly written down somewhere the access information. Now we can check the status of our service charge and renovation fund payments at any time, day or night. Gives one a warm glow.

They owe us 179 zloty, bastards! Call the police.

Out for dinner with friends tonight. A Dane married to a Pole with expected company of a lot more Danes married to a lot more Poles and us. No doubt I will be struggling with obscene amounts of alcohol and food as usual. What do you expect when you take the legendary drinking generosity of the Danes and mix it with the legendary feeding ability of the Poles? My stomach says it wants to stay home tonight. Only downside is that they live at the exact opposite end of Warsaw to us. We’re close to the last metro station in the north and them the same in the south. We find it hard to understand the local dialect down there. Too much inbreeding.


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