Thursday, January 3rd

Noise. Noise. Noise. Damn it! How is a resident supposed to concentrate around here?

Inside the building I’ve got Starbuck’s builders TAPPPing and BRRRAPPPing and RAARRRRRing away since 08:00. Outside I’ve got General Patton giving his puppy a workout using his bullet-proof dog whistle. Poor thing, there’s going to be no dog treats for him until he’s yomped around the estate five times with a sack of dog chow on his back and then dropped and given Patton 50 paw-ups!

Meanwhile, we’ve managed to completely forget how to enter the new Strangely Park on-line “system”. It came with a username and password that were impossible so we changed them to something very sensible but obviously also very forgettable and, unusually for me, didn’t write it down anywhere. Most likely we are not missing anything other than a list of payments we’ve made but it would be good to check. It will remind you of your password only if you remember your username, which we don’t and there doesn’t seem to be any other way of getting help. Ho hum.

Bonnie & Clyde, our kittens, have been renamed Charlie & Lola, partly because we prefer those names and partly because Bonnie was requiring unreasonable amounts of oral gymnastics for some Polish speakers. They become more bonkers every day now, despite Lola still having some breathing difficulties from this virus she had. I never knew so much mess could be made on an hourly basis from just the bottom branches of a Christmas tree.

I’ve got to go buy drumsticks and cat litter in Lomanki. Thinking about it, the cat litter has just the right consistency to pass as a special crunchy breadcrumb coating….eat your heart out KFC!

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