Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone!

Strangely Park has been understandably silent this morning with everyone working off last night’s activities. We hit the sack at about 04:40 and were not early risers ourselves. Some French toasts and ample coffee are starting to have a recuperative effect but we’re not there yet!

The birds have been busy though. Most noticeably our neighbourhood buzzard has been hunting the woods behind the apartment. It’s so huge compared to the other birds that you can’t miss it. First seen in September 2008 when it was sat on one of the benches around the lake, calm as you like, watching for frogs or other tasty lake dwellers. I think we’ve seen it twice since then and now again this New Year’s morning visit. There’s something majestic about a large bird of prey.

We’ve also had the “peckers” out on the old apple tree next to the terrace. Two birds favour this tree; great spotted woodpeckers and nuthatches. The woodpeckers with their upright stiff-necked stabbing and the nuthatches smaller, less colourful and upside-down tap-tapping. They do have a strangely graceful, streamlined, shape though, the nuthatches. If anyone ever challenges you to a game of bird-darts, choose the three nuthatches and you won’t go far wrong!

Lastly are the tits and jays. They always seem to come together around here. Not sure if that’s how it is generally in nature, if the two types get along well together? They are here for the seed being put onto bird tables by Mr Misery and Mrs Fitness. Mr Misery has also hung two large straps of pork skin from the tree and that’s going down a treat. The tits flit in and out, busy little birds, and the jays come along and upset everything every now and then.

There was some lovely sunshine today, let’s hope that’s a good sign for 2013. Now, must ring mum and wish her a happy birthday!

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